This course aims at development of individuals. In this present day competitive world, it is important to groom oneself to fit into the changing job requirements, as well for self-satisfaction. Employers are increasingly looking for people with soft-skills with a strong personality and capacity to communicate with others. They do not want 'workers', but want 'doers'; self-stater  who could accomplish the assigned job without being instructed every time.

Given this backdrop, the common understanding is that grooming is required in the following areas:

  • Personality
  • Communication
  • Soft-Skills
  • Logic & Reasoning 
  • English
  • ICT (Information & Communication Technology)

This is a modular, credit based course.  At basic level you need to complete the core course and any two electives.


Introduction to Self-Development


  1. Foundation of Personality Development 
  2. Introduction to Communication Essentials
  3. Soft-Skills: The Need of the Hour.
  4. Fundamentals of Logic and Reasoning
  5. Basic English Language Skills
  6. Essential ICT Skills